# Re-inventing Forestry

Real climate impact through reinvented forestry management & machinery

Reinvent forestry with our great team

Meet the AirForesters

  • Truly my dream job: to combine forestry with cutting edge technology

    Martin, Machine design and testing

    Martin has a Machine Design Masters from KTH and did his thesis at AirForestry before joining us full time.

  • We have a two-fold impact. 1: replace the heavy diesel-driven machinery with electric energy-efficient flying aircraft. And 2. forest is a very important contributor in absorbing carbon dioxide around the globe. If we can make that a little bit more efficient, that would be a great impact.

    Mauritz, CTO and Cofounder

    Mauritz's passion is solving the climate crisis through tech. He’s an electrification and sustainability researcher with a PhD in Physics and a career in sensors for autonomous vehicles.

  • Be a part of designing everything, and learn about all the parts of the system

    Linnea, AI and Automation

    Linnea did her PhD in Autonomy and Control at KTH, and has done projects at Caltech, NASA and ESA (European Space Agency)

  • Designing the airframe of the large drone was really cool - had to think about all the technical details from large to small!

    Magnus, Systems architecture

    Magnus has a PhD in Engineering Physics within kinetic energy storage and magnetic bearings. He has worked with deep tech projects from start to ISO-certification.

  • The best project we’ve found to solve forestry and electrification

    Jane, Caroline & Bengt Walerud, Founding Investors

    Walerud Ventures is one of Europe's top early stage investors. Jane is an entrepreneur with 14+ startups under her belt, including being the first investor in Klarna, where she was Chairman and built the tech team. Bengt is a pricing and business strategy expert, an expert in choice modelling and predictive analytics, and has advised many leading Nordic corporations. Caroline has been part of three deep+green tech startup journeys before AirForestry and is now Executive Chairman and Cofounder at AirForestry.

  • We’re building a world class organization

    Paul, Head of Flight Operations

    Paul has been President and CEO of Svensk Luftambulans, a large emergency helicopter organisation. He has been a professional pilot for 28 years and has experience building certified and safe flight organisations from scratch. He’s also a Leadership Coach focused on building strong and communicative teams.

Space to innovate

  • Check out the beautiful offices at Green Innovation Park!

  • Assembling the drone for the first time

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